Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Snow

"Live Free or Die" is the motto of our state. Or is it "Live Freeze and Die" as some might mock. But, come on, snow in October is unusual, even for New Hampshire.  I was skeptical when the Nor'easter was first predicted until the day before when it began to look like we really would need to button up for the winter. What if this same snow stuck around till spring?  Fortunately this was not the case and, even as I write this, it is a sunny 50 F degrees and the snow has all but melted.  But the day before the snow came, I frantically dug up, potted, picked and protected as many of my garden plants as possible.
I dug up this clump of Calendula to bring into the greenhouse.  They'll add color to an otherwise gray winter.
I also dug up more than a life time supply of lemongrass. Here they are, demanding a sunny spot indoors.

10 lbs of kale and 5 lbs of collard greens were picked.
I can't say enough about these black turtles beans.  Not only are they so buttery delicious, these heirloom beans are easy to grow from seed saved from year to year.
Fall planted beets, napa cabbage and cilantro will be protected with row cover to extend the growing season.

Our new lavender field is mulched with fall leaves for winter protection.
Calm before the storm. Look at all the leaves still on the trees.

Then there was snow. 10" of wet, branch breaking snow.
Too late!  No time to clean out the garage, the car was left out in the snow.
Our young fruit trees weighed down by the wet snow.
Ben wanted no part of it
I think he's having fun :)
A bowl of Pho... perfect after a day of playing in the snow.
Pho is not hard to make at home, here are some authentic recipes for you to try:


HousiGirl said...

I did laugh when I got to Ben in his comfy spot, away from the cold, cold snow.

You sure did earn yourselves a glass or two of vino after all that harvesting & winter prepping!

Ting said...

The harvesting was fun, but I still get a glass of wine :)