Friday, January 13, 2012

Wilson Farm, Lexington, MA

I love markets, all kinds of markets. Farmers' Markets, ethnic food markets and I'll even include regular supermarkets.  It's not unusual for my husband and me to drive hours to go check out a new food store. It's one of the things we like to do together.  He enjoys driving and I like to knit and take in the view along the way.  Last Sunday, Wilson Farm was our destination.

It's located in Lexington, MA, they've been around since 1884 and are well known for their fresh fruits and vegetables that are mostly grown by them, on 500 acres, and the surrounding farms.  Also well known is their 8,500 square foot barn built with recycled lumber that houses the market.  More about the barn here.
Wilson Farm barn was built by Bensonwood Homes in 1996.

While my husband admired the trusses and beams above,
I was mesmerized by mountains of fresh fruits and vegetables
Leeks, beets and fennel
All kinds of greens
Star fruit, oranges and grapefruit

Mangoes and pomegranate

Persimmons and pineapple
We came home with these Fuyu persimmons.  They're seedless, crispy and sweet.

Nature's candy, just peel and pop in your mouth.
 The Fuyu ripens in November through January, enjoy them while they last!

Where is your favorite food market?  We're always looking for a destination :)


HousiGirl said...

OMG, I'd go to Wilson Farm just for the gorgeous beets! Did you come home with a load of produce?

Ting said...

We came home with a bag of persimmons and a beautiful head of cauliflower. Oven roasted cauliflower, our latest favorite!

Wilson Farm said...

Thanks for the kind words. We're so glad you put Wilson Farm on your list of farm stands / grocery stores to check out. Be sure to come back in April and see our new entrance way with even more sampling and local fruits/veggies/flowers.

Peter at Wilson Farm

Alejandra said...

Omg! It looks like the forbidden fruit haven of winter! Could all those fresh veggies be real? Yum!

Ting said...

Peter at Wilson Farm, you guys have a great place. We'll definitely come by again in April, if not before :) Are the greenhouses open to the public?

Alejandra, the fruits and veggies were amazing. A good place to visit to chase away the winter blues.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, everything looks delicious and fresh. Speaking of delicious have you ever tried The Great Wall take out in Lexington, MA? They have really great authentic Chinese food with reasonable prices.