Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Resulting Effect

Tim gave his all with a little help from his friends....

Chinese Barbecue Chicken - a family favorite

Tim was quite disappointed when he first learned that his all time favorite food came from a jar. Nevertheless, when my sons were growing up, they're now 25 and 28, this chicken had a permanent spot in my rotation. I always made more than I needed. The chicken was great at room temperature, and could hold for that commuter who, on occasion, would miss his train. The leftovers were perfect for after school sandwiches and salads for the rest of the week.

I no longer have to worry about after school snacks, and the commuter no longer commutes. However, after being with Tim the last couple of weeks, I was nostalgic for those days when my two boys would come home from school and devour huge amounts of food, mostly because they were growing boys, but also so, they could wait to sit down and eat with the commuter, who was often the last one in the door. And the first to leave in the morning, I might add.

I hope you make this dish and find time to eat with your family. I would love to hear about what you did with your left over chicken. It's all about the left overs, you know. Here's how to do it, I dare not call this a recipe.
  • 4 - 5 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs, I prefer thighs rather than breasts, thighs are juicier and not so easy to overcook.
  • 1 - 14 oz jar Lee Kum Kee Char Siu sauce
  • 1 TBS soy sauce
Combine all three ingredients and marinate at least an hour or overnight in the fridge. Grill or bake in a 450 F oven for about 30 to 40 minutes, turning once. If baking, be sure to line baking sheet with parchment paper or foil for easy clean up.

Serve with grilled vegetables and a mound of jasmine rice sprinkled with a few drops of Maggi Sauce. Enjoy.
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Housi Girl said...

Tim's work has a lot of energy in it. Will I get to see it in person before the show closes??

Re my leftover chicken. On Thursday nights after my yoga class I get to eat dinner all by myself ... well, with our 4 cats parked around me. I take out my big ole Joe Dallorso wood bowl and make a luscious salad. Chunks of that leftover chicken tossed with whatever I find in the 'fridge--avocado, mandarin oranges, meslun or other greens, and maybe other veggies and even toasted pepitas The salad gets dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or my recently discovered orange vinegar from Trader Joe's. The salad is a wonderful ending to my yoga night. And I do share the chicken and avocado with my feline friends.

Ting said...

You're making me hungry! Let me know if you're going to Amherst, we'll meet you.

Anonymous said...

Great art show and great video. Ting, you are so creative. The last image is perfect!

-Lila and Emily