Friday, September 23, 2011

What's Growing in the Garden: 9/23/2011

The days maybe getting shorter and nights cooler but don't give up on the garden yet...
Heirloom Rattlesnake Pole Bean reaches for the sky and pumps
out beans all summer long.  Great as snap beans or dry beans.
Save some seeds for planting next summer and you won't need to
buy seeds again.
Black Turtle Bean, an heirloom bush bean, drying
in semi shade
You too, can grow your own garlic, it's so easy, here's how.
Datura or Angels Trumpet is a hardy perennial,
and self sows wildly in my garden.
Lao eggplant is small, only 1" to 2" in diameter. 
Mild in flavor, good in soups and stews.
Purple Blush eggplant is best grilled, thin skinned with not
a taste of bitterness, it's our summer staple.
Paper Lantern peppers are super hot, not for the faint of heart.
The squash patch is looking a bit tired but these Delicatas
are perfect and ready to be picked for winter storage.

 last of the season

Creating a bit of Provence in our backyard, we planted
the first batch of lavender. Eighty plants in three rows.
  They're looking quite promising!

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HousiGirl said...

Be still my heart...those Delicatas!! my favorite!
and the garlic...mmmmmm!!

Ting said...

Hi HousiGirl, this was a great year for Delicatas and garlic. I'll make sure you get some :)