Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's Growing in the Garden

We're starting to get some serious heat and the garden is exploding...

The front garden

Pink Magnolia

A welcome weed--these violas grow wild in the paths and in the beds

First asparagus

Young rhubarb

Sugar Snap Peas planted April 2nd.

Garlic shares a bed with spring greens--radish, lettuce and arugula


buddhagirl said...

yay for color in the garden!!! i want to see more:) am so inspired for color these days - will's are all green:) but fun to look at too!
hope you and e. are doing well!!!!!!
xopeace, j

Anonymous said...

Seeing the rhubarb plant sets my heart aflutter... my absolute favorite pie in the world (never to be spoiled by the addition of strawberries). When will I smell a pie baking?

Ting said...

Hi j, you can see more of my garden photos at One Million Gardens, take a look http://onemilliongardens.ning.com/profile/TingsKitchenGarden.

Anonymous, you're the reason I'm growing rhubarb in the first place. I'm craving YOUR pie.

Amy D said...

It's inspiring to see so much growing in your garden so early, keep the great photos coming!

Ting said...

Thanks Amy, I've been enjoying your photos at One Million Gardens as well, keep those coming!

Flat Eric said...

My boyfriend Jason and I planted our first garden. I was telling him about the hot peppers you grow, and so we planted a whole flat of peppers (habenero and chili peppers!) Also zucchini, squash, eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes and pole beans. It is growing quickly and I can't wait to pick the first veggies to cook up!

Ting said...

Wow, sounds marvelous, how about sharing some pictures? I've registered my garden at One Million Gardens, take a look http://onemilliongardens.ning.com/profile/TingsKitchenGarden, I would love to see what's growing in your garden.