Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Garden: Wild and Weedy

With all the rain we've had this summer, my rambunctious garden is like a child only a mother could love - no matter how unruly, it's still the object of my affection.

Can this garden be saved?
My mistake here was mulching with hay. Apparently there's a big difference between hay and straw: Hay contains weed seeds and straw does not...oops.

Tomatillos and potatoes threatening to take over the strawberries.

I'm hoping the watermelon will crawl over and crowd out the weeds.
Wishful thinking?

The asparagus rises above all obstacles.

Cucumbers finally getting the long awaited summer heat.

It's time to harvest all the lettuce before they bolt.
When I have a lot of lettuce and fresh herbs, I serve Spring Roll Lettuce Wrap, and that's what I did at our monthly supper club. Six of us chowed down almost half this row, six heads of lettuce, a light meal with lots of moans and groans.

Thai basil, another good candidate for Spring Roll Lettuce Wrap.

Garlic and weeds

My favorite, Patty Pan, has the best texture and flavor of all summer squashes.

Swiss chard, onions and black turtle beans.
The brick mulch keeps Ben, our garden tiger, from claiming the garden as his own.
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jennifer said...

i just want to curl up and take a nap amongst all this wonderful earth filled goodness! sorry i haven't gotten back to you about a possible art weekend at your place - had to finish the commission painting, then threw out my back... now teaching summer camp and next week vacation! with all the stuff in your garden - i could make wicked good juice in my juicer:)
lots of love,

HousiGirl said...

Seeing the Thai Basil makes me swoon! the color, the fragrance AND what I know Ting can cook with it! How many years ago did I start requesting your Thai Basil Chicken?