Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party food

Outside the temperature is a frightful 8 degrees F. and I really don't care to know what the wind chill might be. I'm snug in my kitchen cooking party food for the Walpole Grocery, our cute little gourmet market right here in Walpole, NH.

Inside Barbara and Krystyna demand Tingfood

Susie plates up some spring rolls

John serves up sesame noodles

Barbara gets her lunch

Sesame noodles and chicken satay

Happy New Year to all!


buddhagirl said...

not fair not fair!!! ok, it's fair... and so happy for those who get to eat tingfood:) inspiration enough to come for a visit!!! hope you are well... have been thinking about my possible trip to thailand... will got me travel books for xmas:) hint hint;)
hi to eric and have fun in front of the fire!
i just made yummy vegan peanut butter cookies that even you would like! and i'm going to chant tonight at a kirtan... love,j

delores street said...

i'm sorry i didn't know about the food celebration at the grocery store --- even if it were "by invite only", i would have crashed the party. will you ever consider a public offering - maybe at farmer's market so we could purchase some of your delights??? we rang in the new year across the river at bocelli's - fun too.

Ting said...

Hey Delores, it is a public offering, you can now get Tingfood every Friday at WG. Thanks for your kind words. The menu for tomorrow's lunch is sesame noodles, curried winter squash soup and, of course, spring rolls.