Monday, August 13, 2012

What's Growing in the Garden 8/12//2012

After a night of soaking rain the garden was wet and shrouded in morning mist.
Thai basil, left, is waiting to be picked but parsnip, right, will be ready after frost and into next spring.
Patty Pan, the only summer squash in the garden, grows so fast I have to pick it almost daily.  I like to pick them when they're about 2" in diameter.  We like them lightly cooked on the grill or quickly sauteed with plenty of garlic and a touch of oyster sauce.
One of these days I will try stuffing the dozens of Patty Pan blooms that open up every morning.
Delicata squash is prolific, easy to grow and keeps well through the winter.
This is my first time growing Kabocha squash, it's buttery texture is just right with  Coconut Custard. It's also good simply roasted, with olive oil, salt and a pinch of cumin.
Jackson Wonder, one of the many beans I'm experimenting with this summer.
Black Turtle bean, a dry bean I've been growing for many years, still has a ways to go before harvesting and drying
Hungarian Wax peppers are always a good performer.  Jalepeno, on the right, is not doing too badly either.
Pickling cucumbers need to be picked almost daily.
Besides pickling, I make Sweet and Sour Cucumber and it replaces green papaya in Tum Maak Houng during summer months.

My hydrangea bush, planted 8 years ago, is finally big enough for me to cut with abandon.  See it in the background?
Shallots and garlic curing in the garage.


Amy D said...

It all looks beautiful and delicious, what a prolific garden!

Ting said...

Thanks Amy! It is a bountiful time of year.

Linda Ziedrich said...

Ting, I've just nominated you for Il Blog Affidabile award. See